Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Religion and Politics > Spiritualism -Note

One thing i noticed  during collect  experiences , may be all of get agree with some or full ; No One Politician can give you " Peace On Earth " Politically though its claim by Politician several times . Same No religion can give freedom to your Soul even its claim . Religion and Politics Only can give system , no matter how much they big authority or dedicated to nation or religion . their dedication best is for a tiny group part of earth . their thinking and work is always less in front of Sufi or Saints .

Only Spirituality Gives Full freedom to Soul and Direct connection to Source .

But Spirituality can not feed to 5 elements can not give system to Society run , so that All threads are Interdependent .....

Interdependence is beautiful Aspect to see the beauty as whole of Humankind On Earth . need Only Beautiful more Balance on Religion and Politicians with the Help of Spirituality .


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