Monday, 16 December 2013

Journey to touch The Sage's heart - Note

** How to travel  from the mind   to the mind of the Sagas of the time  to born  Vedas  from their Mind  and comes out  from finger_tips  through the medium ...  just think of a energy-link  ;  because  vibrations need connection to electrify like electric wires,  Once  you get connected  .. it runs like  serpentine  through n through in connections .. 

for start meditation , little preparation :  first  select your  Neat , Airy sitting place  , dim light  (as comfortable most to you )  with no outer disturbance . ( during course  i never watch the time and limit  so cant say .. its depends all according to personal ride  , willingness and Joyfulness )

Sit in calm posture , settle down  complete in your thoughts , all together  slow and  deep breaths ... take you out with your all preconceived sanskaras and thoughts  given by current  family  and Society ... take backward to your mind gradually  through meditation ....

start your astral travel and  touch  your feet on the Ground of their place.. where they are busy  to make Golden_Era  for you .... 

you are there Only : 

and see how Saga are busy in writing Slowly Slowly  

each of Mantras of Vedas for you of your better values  for today  Society ...

Once you reach there.. Then it became present for you , it is not more past in tense to you ...  

Now what are in their mind ... how to go inside of their mind ... what is the connecting source of this wire ... means thought to thought, cut to cut.

Your travel link woud be to TAMR_PATR > Source  to write (pen or stick ) > MEDIUM to write ( ink or color) > and through this you need to  enter  in veins   to reach  their minds , once you climb  there soon you will get encounters with frequencies .. and  to tune  proper they will  share  with you  Motive  and wishes . 

and believe it , its not magical , very Scientific travel through energy connections .. 

And Soon  Now magic will be there   when you self able to understand  the Motive of  Vedas ,then you also feel need  " to cut or to trim and some time  weeding of dangerous n unwanted Shrubs for  Beautiful Garden  " that have arisen over time . Shrubs in a form of  faith , Bushes  in a form of holding ruins ....

 just see How they made Beautiful Vedic period  for Pure Souls ...... 

to talk them to touch them  is not far  away to you , they are just close  as your breath 

Just Fling to shake-hand  with them , Sages are  still there ..... they are still there to guide you ... Only you need euphoria Once  travel to them , destination. 

Cut it all of Current bad shrubs  those  captured  the beautiful place of your faith in heart  badly  from the medium of  paintings,   sculptures ,  words , write-ups,   rituals  born later the cause of  Bushes there  no  any crowd of Gods and Goddesses, no burden of rituals   just go there  feel and watch the way of worships , way to  serves Gratitude Compassion  and  Social Services , Social livings , Morals and values ...  and whatever you take back good  take all with you , rest whatever  no use ,  leave there Only ...... 

come back , slowly slowly .........................................................................

take few deep breaths ,  

touch your eyes  to cool down your system and do connect you  with today .... 

Now Open your eyes  and evaluate  your journey , what they convey you ; hold  that gist of journey  in your heart .. 

( Noticeable : pictures  come from mind  ; may be part of imaginations  but  frequencies /  communication  travel  will be  true  all together giving by them  and receiving by you) 


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