Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Systematic Attainment of Power By Women - Note

( this nectar is from Shiv Purana , the Story of Ma Parvati and Shiva .. all God n Goddesses are pointing to the Healthy system and prosper living to two side of Nature as Masculine and Feminine Factors ) 


Each One day is the story of the Years , as Devi's Penance towards Shiva (ultimate goal) , Shiva is the Name of Supreme , in purity, in last Goal for every Soul. In worldly sense Nine Days are symbolic of lady achievements of her Journey ...

( *these are the days of Devi not 24 hrs of Human being )

1st Day - she is A Daughter ; full of love , affection and responsibility towards Parents and friends


2nd Day - she is in Penance to get aware of Mystic world through Knowledge ; in the form of Tapaswini , free from Kaam and Krodha, she started to walk on the Path of austerity to achieve Shiva "Tatva"


3rd Day - she is A wife ; in the form of Wisdom Moon is placed on her head, her development Moon Headed on her Head


4rth Day - she is in calm and in peace Beautifully with serenity ;In the From of Kushmanda , she smiles and shines like sun , can control Planetary systems , showing weapons in her all six Hands Moon in her head , and riding on Lion is a from of bravery with wisdom .


5th Day - she is A Mother ;Great Motherhood in the from of Skand_mata , she had a son in lap with all previous attained qualities ...


6th Day - she is get strong equipped with all weapons of strength ;Ma katyayini , is worshiped sixth Day of Navratri , as Daughter of rishi Katyayan observed in penance Mata as him Daughter .


7th Day - she is powerful to protect her and her beloved (if needed ) . Ma Kalratri is from of 7th Day .. trying to explain her posture and getup , in this from she is to do end of bad elements of outer and inner and blessed her devotee with one Lower hand . vehicle is faithful Donkey


8rth Day - she is again in peace and blissful posture ;Ma Gauri , cool like Moon , Calm , compassionate and blessing giving in posture , Musical instrument in her hand .. vehicle is Nandi


9th Day - Wonderful posture in Giving only .... ; sit on Lotus_Petals , in red saree , with all weapons ,, Ma sidhhi datri from in ninth Day , as shiva given to her all siddhis and she reminds her Goddess from , hence Lord shiva famous as Ardhnarishwara . Ma Sidhhidatri worshiped by all Souls .


She is ultimate

She is Devi

She is Woman

The Journey of Nav_Durga !!


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