Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Think wise

Just a little thought of Karma and Destiny

* Our body have  lacks of Cells  , who are involve daily in living  and fighting for existence and still going to dead  , few are but cause of fights  and few  are getting dead for self respective life . 

* Just think big .... find your body as Source existence  and find cells  as energy manifestation in being . find   nature tendencies  to fight  to protect , to  going decay  same as cell in your body . 

* Now think :- how much you responsible  for cells fights and illness  and decay  naturally ... and what can you do best for them ? 

* Suppose , you are doing  best ( though less possibility of error ) and  you are busy  to keep cells healthy ( through yog and healthy Intakes including vibrational and physical )

* Still you find Something is going  beyond your efforts  still decaying  and fighting cell is continue ....... 

* Now think : why you are next to god ?  because all things you are doing  in smaller way as existence doing in bigger way .. you have  quality of creation ( within tatva and available source of energy ) you also involve in distortion , you also find yourself as Guardian of Inner and outer . so here you find  "trinity" lives within . 

* Think now : what you can do  for yourself as yours One Institutional Body  . are you doing same  as Source is doing for self Institution with perfection. 

* Now Think : Is Source really responsible  for all your works ? just think to be as Cell in One Institutional Body !

* Think : Find  difference  among Nature process among tendencies  and Energy Involvement  as to give balance . and you will find * one is born  to get die, you will find *one is lives with basic needs and basic tendencies , you will find * you can do best  for yourself  still  decaying  is continue , you will find *  senses  are natural gift * through sense every cell get alert in danger , you will find hunger /eat / fights/struggle  energy consumption in various way doing each manifest cell . including you . 

* Find inside  which is differ  from others on Earth and Quality which gives you spacial status out of all !!  ,

Thoughtfully involvement in power of balancing 
Involves in creation 
Compassion for others 
Compact-Love towards higher expression 

(and you will find to self  just helper for self  in front of lord's creation , not a pinch extra )

* In general Human Performed Prayers as fear after self limitations and find  Similar  more strong powerful Entity is above to you to control all upon you .Isn't it ?

* Now think , Really  what you are doing  tactfully is worth  equal to lord !  you are doing to kill those  which you can not produce , do you think ! it is against the rule of Source . you can destroy toys, you can destroy  your products which create by you , no Source will get angry . do you ever seen source  get involve  in others territory  for destroy . Never .. so you have no right to destroy / kill of thy Creation . 

* Now think   : after churning process of do and don't ..  how you special / beloved / and  next to Lord ...... and how  you get punished  for  mistakes ... but  must think all about to find  nature and nature tendencies with self and In lord . 

* Now think : what you find wrong today  in  your bag , and what you find  today to Lord with limitation . 

* Where  destiny works as lord wish  and where  human works for self pains and wounds .

 * Are Still you find  lord is responsible  for all about you  as tiny cell  in his Institutional Body  ? are you responsible for one  tiny cell . what you can do and what you are doing  best for  your body Institution?   are lord is not doing that's way for his body Institution ? 

* find similar position ~ As one cell is in your body , you lives in Lord's Body Institution or it may be more smaller ; cos cell is  each star planet and including Earth. Still you are close to lord cos of same Oceanic quality in Drop of water . the drop  can merge in Ocean  cos of quality similarity ... but drop can not  merged Ocean with-self its out of possibility. 

* Reply all within you and Find In every meditation . meditation is only source  to connect  with self center  is equally big as lord . 

Om Pranam

ps: special though sharing ! Are lacs of cell can give promotion of one As Mighty  to next to you ! yes if one Intelligent cell knows reality of self  and only that Cell is putting effort to convey reality to all .. and cells  start worship to that cell .. though " Intelligent Cell Knows about  self existence is only a Cell ...." 

* find this thought uniformly among all human creations including religion+ religious Books  and literature art music , intelligently  find to all as pointer only . 

* with this find in meditation  the exact meaning .. why our body is temple of lord ! and why Soul is guest here !  and why lord has same temple as we are blessed. and you will find all reply within . 

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