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no judgment/no criticism - for / of / by / If ...

“ There is only one way to avoid criticism: 
Do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.”
 – Aristotle
lets solve  puzzle  first ; of -  for / of / by / If ... !! No judgment/no criticism - for - outer reflected  personalities / of - any Individual  which you found controversial / by -  you  or self /  If  -  any  reflected  circumstances or in any situation  ... senses may  confeused by illusion. Honestly  be focused on your soul path , Only Awareness required ! as one know about self , is more about open for receiving appropriate . every thing not for self .. listen whispers in Deep Silence  and Soul knows  better ; what is  for her .. !

Its very clear ; Life is not always  wise  and not always planned and predictable , moments are knuckle with moment to moment with there own effects , one can wise in-act at this very moment  or same one  can fool in-act at that moment . One can philosopher in this moment and one can be materialistic  in that moment , one can be poet at this moment  or one can thoughtless at that moment  one can priest and most prayerful at this moment , and very playful  or most dangerous killer at that moment .  cos all of mind and mind's  play !!

It's life  and circumstances  make king to any one vise o verse   become beggar in any moment . or any one can face any time  quantum of pleasure or trouble. Its unpredictable  life .  material achievements  convert  any time in ash . you know the power of  5 basic elements . Air , Water , Fire , Space  and  Earth . each one is capable  to make you nill any time .  so every passing moment is a gift of divine  to live Wise .

At  shaky and changeable  surroundings  our  inner is one always , not changeable  . Body can change shape or size but inner  is same  as in child to old age ... Mind can change  may be wise or may it fool  or  queasy ....but inner remain same .....circumstance may change  , king may beggar  or beggar may king ........ feel the presence of self inner being  within and with all .... be with inner-one avoid  unnecessary  judgments  and personality  surgery related speeches .

In the  sequence  i must say , guide  with yourself  only your life path knows  what required  and when , accept  the nature knocks . absolutely these  all for unique-self .  do not misguided  by over shadow of anyone  personality ... Suggested here !  just be with self  and welcome  and accept to , what nature gives you wisely . you do not know  for you  how nature is busy to give you push in next .  just be grateful  under surrender and compassionate under acceptance .

when  you live with mind ; life  may do  mistaken in ignorance   , but  when you live with wisdom  life is only flow . ripples  get down slowly by self . After coming wise knock you must realized  wisdom is not a on day phenomena , its take  intensive  moments of your's  austerity ... it comes  slowly  as breeze .

so ; as it with you same a with everyone ... everyone have bundle of burden upon back . no one can do less in effect by help , yes one can helpful with  acceptance and compassion .  and this is not general human minds , it is same applicable  with extraordinary  minds ..  everyone have proprietorial life and its flow .

* no judgment
* no criticism , for any

And you will find always room for betterment  for self .this space  will get filled with light  the moment you will not same as you were . just be with self , watchful for self . move inside  only self , look own path out of outer criticism  .... critics and judgment soul  are very outspoken  and logical with mind .

In very moment you will also realize ;  those  are mindful  and logical  are living  in ignorance and their insensitivity  is cause of their illusion-drunken feel . Now ; only wise vibe will do introduce self with fragrance , light and flow . And Now wise life lives in very moment of self , by self , and for self  . he is very much interested  whatever  serves  better for self .. now his life not  lives  superficial expression on words , now  he lives  on frequencies , it comes non-conditional from wherever and whosoever  ..  in gratitude are accepted and welcomed .
Feeling little sad , when i see  souls  are indulge in find self wisdom in criticism  or in judgments through very outspoken logical minds ... your each expression with mind  uncovers  layers of your own personality  which is acquired in long passed time through logical mind  , as  you clever  for others others are also clever for you  no matter how much you put yourself  WISE.... in that moment  you also lose of  present wise vibes in surroundings  and after the pass time  these  vibe  get passed , and you will find yourself again in dark  , cos nothing is here for you permanent  you have to  touch that in time !  so try to catch wise vibes  from surroundings . it may comes  from any side  from any  direction  from any source .. is unpredictable .. only if your heart is ready to catch you will find them ..  " just do preparation through meditation to ready heart to receive those divine vibes as guidance to move on self life path   .

In the end what matter ! known by wise .......
only own wisdom ....  nothing else !

This wisdom  convert in deeds which will be with self  after life ..... if you do not believe  in after or before life no issue ; but you must believe  to live in  present  for peace  for  ultimate  wise bloom  cos  wise living is concern of today's health  and future's  prosperity  and past is gone with side effects  ... it is true every karma  gives some effect  may be it wise  or may be in ignorance . but wisdom is capable to settle past karma effect .. slowly and gradually  wisdom garden  gives  fragrant flowers , for sure  !  be gardener of your own !

Om Pranam 

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