Friday, 3 April 2015

Absolute 10 wise thoughts on fool Day 1rst april 2015

 sharing of the day :- fool day - the day you born , wise day - the day of depart

Silent communication (1):-

and he get sit on rock , a bag which was on shoulder for long ; kept aside .

Silent communication (2) :- 

and smoothly to flying up fumes effortlessly says loads without saying a pinch 

Silent communication (3):-

pure energies are to be feel only ! They  showering  blessings  in deep Silence 

Silent communication (4):-

In Silence ; sited with self , slowly took breath in.. hold as long ....and released slowly , its not meditation , its beautiful talk with self !

Silent communication ( 5 ):-

Seekers / readers /listeners ! if you not read well with bhava as i written with love , it will become Shastr sangrha and junction of analysis , and motive get slips one day you get in hand only kilos of bind waste papers . nectar get evaporate .

Silent Communication ( 6) :-

three words many time get pass in rotation of round-round churning *patience , *bhava and *love . all they comes by self via austerity , after finding space for them . and they come as beloved " a+tithi " ( without date)

Silent communication ( 7) :-

want to talk with Source ! say " Om " deeply. and hold Mauna . Hurre !! and talked well .

Silent Communication (8) :-

No matter how much i understand you my beloved friend Source ! Soulfully I am traveler from era .. find no difference a pinch with others Colleagues , We all are Yogis Ascetic on life path and out of our artificially created many divisions including "time and space" (noun and adjective is total mental process) cos you have your own and we all guided by your clock .. what to say for traveler " enjoy" the journey like emoticon all are wise they all familiar about " travelling skills " cooperation and understanding is only way under traveler spirit during walks . small loss and small gains are magically none .

Silent Communication ( 9) :-

Due to Illusion we never come out from visitors gallery and we get involve fully to others surgery as specialist ... yes ; we are visitor to earth choose your option and place wisely (cos its *matter / *matter ) but after choosing option , you are no more in visitors gallery in maaya ground ... maaya play get start and you are now player ... so do not clap only on once fielding and batting skills . you have your own score . after limited ball options you may out ( or may be other reason to get out in mid term ). but this is sure you are also one player among of many .
as final exit keep in mind yes i am visitor . but if you get remind this in play .. you can not be in win win position. and amazing is play is between players of batting and balling . but winner can be all .. here is score board and winner announcement is total different ,
all winning skill concern play wise with * "wisdom" with detachment.

Silent Communication ( 10 ) :-

all relation find self with-in rest is replica :-
very famous and controversial saying of Tulasidas :- धीरज धर्म मित्र अरु नारी आपातकाल परखिये चारि / Patience , religion , friend and woman try in emergencies ( during understanding arrow must practice inward for all four ) *patience is already inside phenomena and very popular among outer world , *religion is also inside alignment find in surrender compassion and gratitude testing , *friend find inside in needful emergencies , and every soul has naturally * woman inside according physical balance and gravity yen yang distributed .. just check fine tuning in emotional emergencies

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