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A Soul's journey (out of myth)

Most learned people knows  about  Soul is pure energy itself  which is  manifest  in tatva  as Body , now aura is there which is reflection of the power of the purity of energy  and   soul have 7 body layers also with  tatva body * another name of these seven body is aura   these  layers are a kind of hidden declaration of gravitational magnetic heaviness of Soul . as soul get lighter  layers get disappear  or powerless .
 Tatvik body  itself  have bondage with  7 qualitative Chakras  * Mooladhara * Swadhisthana * Manippooraka * Anahata  * Visuddhi  * Aangna * Sahasrara , Effect of Three mandalas (qualitative)   *Agni *Aditya  and * Chandra  within tatvik body . and  5 tatvik bodies (other than 7 bodis ) also find  within body  *Annamaya - The food body * Pranamaya - The force vitalizes and holds together the body and the mind * Manomaya - The body composed of mind * Vijnanamaya - The body composed of intellect  *Anandamaya - The body composed of bliss . four  antahkaram (inside of tatvik body) Mana – the organ of thought Buddhi – the organ of understandingAham – the power of mind which leads to the accomplishment of objectives, and eventually toward identifications and attachments. Chitta – the organ where Sanskaras are stored, and from where all the vikaras of mind originate.

There are many literary  guidelines / references   you may find in  linguistic expressions * In religious way *  in spiritual way * in scientific way  * in psychological way , there are uncounted  one life get short  in cover of whole  but gist of all expression is same  as  soul get lighter its automatic get  enter in another qualitative periphery of own layer , of self body  and last 7th body is named  celestial body with zero " 0 " gravitation attraction over Earth  ... which is actual soul Journey .  austerity  need  time to performance and  to acquires qualitative graduation ... this only Soul knows  through inherent  attractions . 

Query  may arises : what is the sign  of  peripheral Improvements ! and answer is hidden  with in Birth of soul with in born attractions and  Inherent  attributes .  and austerity  says  further    step in in another periphery or  it deteriorated  cos of this body related Karma , cause of Ignorance . Soul can slip again ... So that This is Bhavsagara , and we are Floating Souls in Journey .

Another query  may arise  what we will do  to attain Celestial Body !  answer is  pain  and pleasure  are the main cause of sorrow , through wisdom  this  pain and pleasure feel get cut off . than no poison production  possible . and soul get lighter with celestial body  lives happily , perform  responsible way,   and depart without attachments .This soul know well her motive of Birth , cant live in Ignorance . this soul lives peacefully  without giving harm . this Soul lives in Joy whole life , what else ? 

Let's come on main topic , what is  Soul Journey  and  how  unitedly  souls  become helpful to each other  or  for uniquely for self what n how soul will do for best for journey  :-

Below  here trying to understand  the concept of  third  world  which is famous as Yamlok ,  what is the significance of this world and how it effect to soul . In Hindu-dharma Garud puran have significance to give deed explanation  after death , and which karma-ritual  is right for Departed soul  , lets find out  the real one essence out of all superficial coating :- 

  • Garuḍa asks the Lord (Vishnu) to explain about Yama’s kingdom. The Lord not only begins to describe Yama’s kingdom, but also begins to describe the procedure to be followed immediately after death. The distance between the earth and Yama’s world is 86, 0000 kada (approximately 1,032,000 Kilometers. Distance between the earth and the moon is 384,000 kms and the distance between the earth and the sun is 149,598,000 kms). 
Some how  distance  of Yum's monarchy comes in atmospheric layer of Earth . ( find it all symbolic and frequencial  ; this repeated many time during this note  )

After read above distance  and try to understand what Puran wants to serve , its not Magical  , very Scientific , and related  with  life-style  and desires of Body which are half filled or not to filled with-In life  by soul .  Energy magnetism  says strong magnet  have strong  attraction , its depends  where is  magnet  have attract .. if wordily / Illusive  ,  it has wordily attraction of energy . And  if  it has Divine  attraction  soul acquires  divine  magnet attraction by self .  All is goes  to basic  attitude  of energy  before  get brahman / pure ... to cut Allusiveness is only possible through  meditation in life-span via Body ...   So that The Body get described as temple and soul manifest in body  to achieve which is not yet , with this  every soul is born with  specific  trends  called from inherent attitudes with spacial attributes .In this  way each Birth is unique , no one is less ,  and with this body and with austerity  only these  trends get more powerful  knowingly or unknowingly whatever  soul can touch or feel through senses  upon Earth are  symbolic , for ex; all temples mosque  and churches  and all worshiped places including God words alike Kuran Bible and all vedas  ,  described  stories of  rishi and all Guru-tatva are  also symbolic whose are indicating for bigger Only . In short Journey is  pure soul to soul  not person to person

The atmosphere  layer is a very basic  which has connected  with earth and  connected with planets  also , what Graud puran try to say ,'  maximum number of souls  are filled  with unsatisfied  desires , so that they rotating  in atmospheric  magnetism '. 

Once soul attracted with Divine magnet  they can  take leap  above of atmospheric  layer .. in that condition energy get moves toward  lords direction ....

what is the most difficult  to attain for Soul  is  Divine  nature  and  removal of   layers of unfulfilled   desires .    

Total austerity and divine attraction says  same ... 

Below you have find some  Death rituals  which is  concern after Depart of Divine Soul ... all ritual performance  are to  give  final freedom  of  the Soul  which is  bound be  self  thin threads of desires. which due to weak awareness and  Ignorance  the Soul  Could not able to attain with life time  so that  she compel  to take birth again ... actually she is  in thirst to take re-birth as quick  so that she can fulfill her half filled desire in this Birth ....  In a very selfish manner  Soul is Bound  to take Birth Only to fill  desire .. relations are secondary .... 

Again i am repeating ...  In a very selfish manner  Soul is bound  to take Birth Only to fill her half complete  motive which she can not get finished in last birth , unfortunately she get forget after take birth with in few months cos of illusion trap , she get occupied with this body karma cycles , as concern of pure energy ; she knows only one connection  with purest energy rest of all relations are secondary ...either blood  or acquired with  behavior  all relations are by product  of birth and karmas  and tatvas have own natural effect  of tamas rajas and sattva quality .. Actually  sattva is  the very first connecting sign of soul 's purity .  and aura  who plays  to make decision  how frequent soul have to  take  Birth.  Gradually Only power of Aura  find self to play role in  her responsibilities according to achieve  powers / strength . So that when  enlightened says ,' you also  become Budhha / krishna , yes you can ! ,  you are Budhha / krishna , yes you are,  cos you are  just next to God , not less than . One Drop  have same quality  which have Ocean ... No doubt ! 

Keep in mind  all is very systematic  and all is Scientific works on magnetism  rule .   Don't ask very natural query ; who runs behind system  and who is compel to run Scientifically to all !  for most extant  you may get reply  but in last  no one have  answer  because all lingual expression get  stop , and Mauna get appears and  feeling find answers. Actual to this  fussy query   no one can give answer   who are in  body Souls who feels they  give indications or hints ... cos  nothing is  with proof  on that extant , this world is Mystic  and vast and  Silence  is capable to take experience  by self ... here only  frequencies  runs  Only   Self  experience  gives sensitiveness to feel ANUBHAV . to that world  all linguistic expression get failed ... You may find  each n  every  effort to encode  the vast is only Pointer , all divine souls are Only pointer , all shastrs are Only Pointer  .... its like  Bhavsagar  with no ending ... so  whatever boat  is in Ocean  is only give direction  only pointer ..  but works self-austerity ,  self-uniqueness  and self-Birth , self-experience  works .. and trust  upon Source  , Source  not like wandering  and mediators ...  if anyone have mediator means  soul itself find weak  so she need support ..  but all support systems are very temporary . final journey is  of self only .  One have to sink , one have to  meditate  one have to connect with self  from Center to Center ... there is no Other way , No pandit can give  karma reduced on your behalf ... all rituals are  only Pointer .. those  give direction only .. 

How  Soul take birth !  to  solve this puzzle  you must have to  encounter with some Scientific  laws ... one is gravitation  another is magnetism , gravitation  of thirst /of half filled desires / or you can say lust have own gravity and magnet means the energy  get attract  with quality energy who are already born on earth  these things helps to take birth in family or in area with bundle of  prarabdha . The earth have own atmospheric layer as cover  and earth have own gravity.. who manifested at earth have own center which can reconnect in awareness with main center , but find it's all very symbolic ...  as soul  take bath with Divine purity  it has reduced  gravitational effect  and magnetism get also reduced  so that  atmospheric layer can not bound  to powerful soul, once soul  get out  from   atmospheric   gravitation  and magnetism  , pure soul is very light  and this soul can take leap  in Vyom / skies .. this is  also amazing , this soul decide self  where n when she want to manifest. this soul have purpose  and this soul also have time bound  by self .  we  cant say these souls are one or two .. we can say these soul are very rare .. and very connected with source . 

to find more about energy and her connections   pl visit to Hindi link 

Rest of , do experience  by self austerity .  one soul with birth already in austerity  may be aware or do not  aware ... each birth will take one step up or how many step you take  you  continue  with advancement .. this true nature of soul . 

*  meditation gives  strength  of  Inner attitudes ( Vritti ) , meditation have simple  quality  to  strengthen  self ... the way basic  attitude   soul have  power get increase .  ( you may see it easily  in surroundings , two basic  attitude of Good and bad  have many shades  and combination and both can find strength with meditation   cos meditation is only source  of find connectivity  with this to that center  attitude can understand as  target of goal and  Source is giver  according to strength of austerity )

Below read without  blind faith and magical stories which are acquired from Birth  through society  and try to sort  out puzzle within Body within time, cos after body thirsty Soul need another body to perform same ... (no need to go in popular concept of sanyas  no need to  run from responsibility escapism not required
Here is  below few  rituals  with significance  are quoted to find Bigger ...  find all  as  journey to  take message   which is hidden in expression . one is  most significant  is will to   provide freedom  to depart soul , though actual  is  reminding  of living entity  The very soul purpose  within body . Departed  also get satisfied and reminded ... Ritual  says  "  in  death sanskara  done well  its gives direction to soul "  i find  right   after reading well  you may also find  for departed  or for living  to both . And  wise  find wisdom out of myth 
  • Rituals after death
Due to the effect of karma, a man falls sick causing his death. The mode of one’s death also depends upon one’s karma. When a man is dead, his body should be kept on the ground after purificatory rituals. Salagrama (sacred stone) should be placed near the body and Tulasi leaves (basil) should be placed in both the hands of the body and also on its neck.

Pieces of gold should also be kept in the nine apertures of the body. The body should be covered with two sheets of clothing. The body should be carried through the back door. Sons and other relatives should carry the body on their shoulders. While placing the body on the pyre, head should be facing north. His son should perform ceremonies facing the eastern side.
  • This is how the journey begins!
When the subtle body is leaving the gross body, which is known as death, the messengers of Yama arrive on the scene. When the subtle body finally comes out of the gross body, causing death of the gross body, the subtle body is still able to see the entire universe. The departed soul could see the messengers of Yama and the attendants of Lord Viṣhṇu. This means that the soul can see both good and bad and the departed soul begins its journey according to its karma.
  • This is when our Karma matter!
A subtle body which has a bad karmic account feels for its sins at this stage. A soul has to travel the entire distance to reach the world of Yama. The path becomes rough for the sinners and the path becomes comfortable for virtuous.
  • How does Yama look like?
Lord Vishnu begins to describe Yama. He has four arms holding a conch, a discus, a bow and a staff. He treats the virtuous with respect and sinners with rudeness. He hits the sinners with iron rod and club. He sits on a buffalo (Yama is called mahiṣa vahana; mahiṣa means buffalo and vahana means vehicle). His body appears dreadful to sinners and radiant to virtuous.
  • Soul versus the mortal body!
The soul is in the size of one’s thumb (it means the subtle body. Soul and the subtle body always travel together. The subtle body is pushed out of the gross body by air. The subtle body cries out when it comes out of the gross body). It is said that one should not boast of his body as it is liable to death and decay. The purpose of acquiring wealth is charity; purpose of speech is to say the truth; purpose of a body is spirituality.
  • Soul versus the mortal body!
The first step of the soul’s journey involves leaving the mortal body and leaving with Yama’s messengers as per their Karmas. The subtle bodies of those who do not follow the virtuous path are tortured by the messengers of Yama on the way to Yama’s place. The Lord proceeds to explain the purpose of six piṇḍas.
  • The Six Pindas
The first Pinda is offered at the doorway where the departed soul is called as pāntha (pāntha means wandering). The piṇḍa offered here satisfies those deities that dwell at the entrance door. It is believed that some deities reside at the main entrance door of a house. It is always ideal to offer incense sticks at the entrance door. A conch with anti clock wise lines tied on a yellow cloth above the main door frame is said to ward off evil spirits entering through the main door.

The fifth piṇḍa is offered at the side of the pyre where the dead body is placed. The dead body is now known as preta. Because of these five piṇḍas, the preta attains purity to be placed on the fire. Fire is considered as very sacred. Vedas worship Agni (fire) more than any other gods. By satisfying the above referred non-human characters, preta attains purity to offer it to the fire.

The funeral pyre should be lit from the eastern side. Once the body is completely burnt, the remains of the bones are collected and during this time the sixth piṇḍa is offered. The ashes are then immersed in sea or river. At the southern part of the house, a pit is made and for the next ten days, piṇḍas are offered here daily, along with milk and water. There is no specific mantra or any specific rites while offering these piṇḍas.

The piṇḍa offered during the ten day period is divided into four parts. Two parts build up a new body for the dead. The third part goes to Yama’s servants and the fourth is consumed by the preta. The subtle body gets a proper shape in three days and three nights and on the tenth day, the subtle body develops hunger.
  • A time to regret?
Irrespective of other offerings made to the preta (the subtle body of the dead is always called preta), it gets satisfied only by offering flesh (normally, a piece of banana is offered instead of flesh). During eleventh day and twelfth day ceremonies, the preta eats as much as possible. On the thirteenth day, the soul’s journey begins to the world of Yama dragged by the servants of Yama. During it journey, the soul regrets for every evil action it had done during the past birth.
  • The messengers of Yama
Yama sends his messengers to the world when the Life period ends of a Jiva to bring him to Yama puri. His messengers are of different types. Some have forms, which scares anyone who gets to see them. Some have red shot eyes and fierce angry look. They have weapons like noose and musalam, their clothes are jet black like the rain cloud.
  • The first step of the soul after death
When the life period ends of a jiva they tie by noose and with the body form of the jiva converted to one like air, they lock the same in a container and take him to Yamaloka. After reaching there these Jivas who have form like ghost will be presented to the head of Yamapuri the Kala deva, the Yamaraja.
  • The second step
The Yamadharma Raja will address thus his messengers. ‘Hey Kinkara, take the Jiva again back and leave him in the house where he has died and bring him back on 12th day from today and present him again thus he will order.’ Immediately these Yamaduthas in a second tying the jiva, crossing the 86,000 kada length once more will reach the jiva back to its house
  • The third step
Thus the jiva since he goes to Yamalok and returns back again to Bhulok to its place, the dead person’s body should not be immediately burnt or cremated. Only after a while such an act should be done. The jiva who had been tied by the Yamaduth in his spirit form by the string of pasa, as soon as it gets untied, the spirit form of that jiva goes to the cremation ground and observes its body from above looking it being burnt.
  • The fourth step
It finds there is no way for it to enter it again. It laments seeing his body thus getting destroyed, crying. However if the jiva is a Good soul, it will feel happy that whatever happens is for the good. Till the body which is in the pyre gets completely burnt and turned to ash, especially till the head gets burned completely the jiva will not lose its attachment to its body, its relations and other things connected with the life in that body.
  • The fifth step
In the burning pyre as soon as the body gets completely burned, the jiva will start acquiring the panda form of body. It forms in a gradual process.
  • The sixth step
From the pindam offered by the son of the dead person on the first day the head gets formed. From the pindam offered on the second day the neck and shoulder gets formed. The third day pindam helps in forming chest, fourth day pindam forms stomach, fifth day forms the buttocks, sixth day forms `prishtam. ‘Seventh day forms `kayyam.’ The 8th day pindam forms thighs, ninth day pindam forms legs and the tenth day pindam forms the full body.
  • The seventh step
On formation of the Pinda body, the jiva arrives to the house where it was living previously with its family. There without entering the house, it observes the persons who enter and leave the house and with great agony suffering from pangs of hunger and thirst it will cry piteously. That jiva in the panda form partakes whatever its son offers through the route of the Brahman.

  • The eighth step
On the 13th day, as per the order of Yamadharama, the yamaduths arrives there and ties the jiva in panda form with the chord of pasa (attachment) and drags him away. Vishnu says, “Garuda! The jiva in his panda form tied by the chord of pasa, dragged by yamaduths has to walk per day 247 kada distance day and night. At the same time the jiva has to suffer pangs of hunger and thirst. It is indeed difficult to describe the misery the jiva undergoes enroute.”

After that :- 
  • *Heaven or hell?
To reach haven or to go to hell, good and bad conducts are the yardstick, such information and thoughts are not conceded by us when we stay in the mortal world with our body and life. We think that whatever is told about sins and good karms are only flights of imagination. Thus crying piteously the sinful jiva beaten and dragged by the yamaduthas is being taken to Yamapuri. In the Garuda Purana, all this is said to be narrated by the great Narayana Himself.

Finally :- 
  • *Soul is nothing but the Brahman Himself
Sins committed by a person do not affect the Soul within. The suffering is only to the gross body when life exists in a body and to the subtle body, when the subtle body leaves the gross body at the time of death. Depending upon one’s karma, the subtle body also undergoes sufferings and pains or happiness and pleasures. One’s karmic account is embedded in his subtle body. Apart from karmic embedment, subtle body also has the impressions of his subconscious mind.

Karma affects to both the subtle body and the gross body independently. Subtle body undergoes pains or pleasures in the hell or heaven as the case may be and the gross body undergoes pains or pleasures in the earth. For a single evil action, there are two types of sufferings, one for the subtle body and another for the gross body. 

So, just watch out Karma, it isn’t too late yet !!!
After read all ritual ,  try to find essence behind  cos  massage  is in hidden  form ..  only frequency can touch  frequency ,energy can connect with energy , tatva can touch only tatva , out of 6 senses  5 are the medium of feel those tatvas and 1 can feel connection of energy and you know  this is also very Scientific .  If you read well with right frequency , you may find secret is not more hidden , and road is visible , clean n clear . 
You may also find  the  purpose of soul birth  is very much for self . relations emotions, social-systems  all are as helper and connected  with energy attraction ,One have certain responsibilities from Birth till Death   no denial with responsibilities ; but  all  related  only with body for body and by body ..  from birth body have name , status , money , education , friends , lover , spouse , illness , and treatments  and  materialistic-convenience  which is   comes under need  and few comes under desires .  as concern as soul  all are for limited time .  what soul  acquired  with come  and go with are spacial trends  and attributes .... till than these attributes  runs with soul  whenever  soul not  achieved  brahman attitude . after connect with brahman tatva her gravity or magnetism attraction  get reduced  automatic , and atmtatva  get free  with atmospheric gravitation .  

* you are In Birth  pay Gratitude  to Divine 
* you have responsibility Obey with Compassion  
* you have purpose from birth  Accept 
* you have limited energy  with honest karma involvement  Surrender  result in lotus feet 
* Do meditation  to  Connect with Source.
* Find your hidden  power / get aware with your powers  with meditationchannelize  your powers with meditation 
* Find your birth purpose  through meditation , which  are  hidden in your birth trends .  and  your austerity  also hidden in your Inherent attributes . ( its your real purpose and to find and move  according is main goalit reminds me , the  most favorite  psychological masters suggestion ,'" as parent  or as guide ,  do not try to  force / push your  desires over kids , try to find  inherent attributes  among kids and promote that only , this way  kids get satisfied and you may give healthy contribution  among  their  progress ; be A Observer & Guide to them " 

In last  you may find query ,'  in those religion  which have  not performed 13 days ritual what for them ! In answer  i can say ,' each soul is connected with one energy, religion comes  after ,  rituals are linked with bhava  and bhava itself has energy . so no matter  how bhava  get paid  they must gives fruits .  Rest of all are ways  and ways  are just Indicator . do not get trap in confusions .. remind   and get connect with One source  direct . rest Source will take care .  
ps: during read  find black  as writers  expression ,  Grey  is  motivated  and expression from Garud puran , and very light Gray is just under bracket as an expression and Blue get highlighted for extra  attention of readers.   few letters are in bold  to take extra attention on them . 

Om Pranam 

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  1. Calculations are wrong.
    1. 10,32,000 km == 86,000 Kada. That is 1 Kada = 12 Km, So according to you each day a subtle body travels 247 Kada that is 2,964 Km. Is it correct ?
    2. If you walk 247 Kada daily, and you need to travel 86,000 Kada, then it will take 349 days. But it's written the subtle will complete the journey within 47 days. Then some mistake is there.