Saturday, 13 June 2015

Om Symbol

understand the sign >  sign means  Indicator / Pointer :-
And not talking here of modern age computer drawings where each drawing is a result of software and with less waste of time . The real making of "Om" is amazing and conceptual of old period , when paper and pencil was not common as today , they much wiser but their mind also not (scientifically equipped) advance as today we have , the culture was try to embossed through religious concept upon human minds .on the concept of " Sarve bhavantu sukhinah " their script was on thick dry tree leaves or on stones to preserve long ... that time they observed the wildness of human nature and also they observes human need rules to live in values ... and Om as Omnipresent appears as Maha-Beej Mantra of well being ... 
The writing or drawing of om is very symbolic ... pin-point where pencil once to start draw it never suggested to leave the gap till end ... " and for Om ... Gap is not works .. " its total divine blessings of Oneness . the symbol shows total of living wisdom .
Also to be noticed Om is also symbol of healthy One Earth , just look the making of Om it covers the whole Earth as on that time of land map .. turn the Om down and you will see the land was that time divided also in two major part Including tail of Om shows hooked upper side of Earth ( talking of real om concept ) and than you will observe the Hooked land is prefabricated with changeable moon and above of that not changeable entity of Dot as Omnipresent .

Same as  swastika  also have own concept, So that all known as symbol  and top of top is Om.  cos of symbol  and cos of  direct  vibratory sound of divine connection , this symbol used  commonly as beej-mantra in prayers  . 

Om Pranam

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