Saturday, 13 June 2015

Know self is prime

little observation ;  And you will able to see  , how the people  wanted to see only self in out !  how the world is  replica of own .  what reflect is  self , what desire  is fulfillment , what  act is  all  people start behave  as my wish / as i am / what according to  need  to my pot . during this magical wish they forget all have same wish. all are  just alike  replica of own . their  accommodation gate  get open when they see  matching vibes .  (forget about right / wrong just be observer , and start to this travel from self  always)
to solve this problem  they use to to  keep pet ! now the experiments  going , how cat behave like  a bird  and bird forget to fly ... wild  Lion become  cat  and  all comes  under human wish !!  and keep in trace  of mind n heart  you will find  also how human happy  to serve  kindness  and duty  with love under Ignorance. if bird ready to live in cage  she get food  of taste , shelter of Gold , and all  serves  comes under Obligation of love .If dog is ready (force) to serve  love  owner is responsible for shelter  to him,  and for pets  owner ready to expenditure  according to Social stata...   Know the self  first and you will able to know  Human Psyche  for sure . 
in human surroundings , where they get match ... they get happy and thankful to almighty  , where they not they involves in struggle in controls  when controls  not works  they start craving  to lord for their ill-fate .. (control means  not sophisticated,  controls means control anyway it serves  ditch , hurt , politics attacks and all possible way  including love show )
Isn't it all about human world !! 
Is this wise living ! 
is this knowing to life ! 
is this  the base of faith ! 

when little comes up  and see  the cycle of  human living .. its all shows game  of mind  n heart .  all  emotions  towards , all logic towards  and all  entire language and living expressions towards only .. what is competition  and what for ?  is the  money   status   coming top  in rank , always  struggle for success is what shows?  and when  building collapse , baby start to cry loud . why for me  why with me ? m i so bad , m i  poor lucky ?  bla bla .... but  during  making building  no body was to  say your making wrong ... why ? cos society (!) wants zombies ... mindful zombies . A pet Zombie , not pure wild  but Society need  trained wild team also  for victory on same human groups.  A trained cultured zombie . The Zombie  who can run round-round alike merry go round at one place without questions  of Social values .  the entire  Social structure is alike that .. religious  belles , social bells , political bells , relations bells .. all bells gives  sound of  Sleep ... A deep Sleep ... time to awake ...  Its morning bell  from Divine temple ( not  human made  stone temple )
everything is fine  in awareness ! 
every duty is worship  under knowing !  
and love is divine . but not in ignorance ! 
every chant is worship  not in sorrow !
do you remember  the saying " in wisdom  even wrong act not wrong " in conscious each thought is divine .  and purpose of Divine . but not  before ...  not a inch before !!  first awake than act ! and one is  Divine . 
Be Aware . Be wise ! 
Om pranam

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