Sunday, 14 June 2015

Apaan Mudra ( Mudra yog )

This activates air element – one of the five elements, inside you. It is connected with Heart Chakra. Chant the bija mantra ‘Om Yum Namaha’ when you do the Mudra.
How to do Apaan  Mudra
On both hands, index finger touching the thumb, keep the other three fingers straight. Can keep the eyes closed — not necessary though. Watch the breath. Preferably keep the back straight or move around if you are feeling lethargic.

Advantages of doing Apaan Mudra
  • For Lower Back Pain, do Chin Mudra and chant “Wung R Hong”.
  • Chin Mudra brings down the stress level. Therefore, do Chin Mudra until tension comes down to zero.
  • This is also called as Gyan Mudra as it is normally used during meditation by keeping your hands on your lap, with the palm of the hands facing the sky. You can put Chin Mudra while chanting mantras.
  • Chant EEJO while doing Chin Mudra.
After eating food, if Belching happens, then it means the Apanan – a type of prana that is supposed to flow down, is coming up.
It will also bring down your head aches – which could be happening due to too much worry and thinking. You will get better relief by doing this Mudra and chanting the Chinese mantra.
  • How to remove congestion from the pranic body?
If the congestion is more, Apaan  Mudra is the most effective way to remove the congestion. Apaan Mudra will activate the Apana Vaayu which goes down. You have to do inhaling and exhaling with Apaan  Mudra.
  • This Mudra releases the excess energy from us. For example, your excess anger will come down.
  • Kindles yellow energy inside you. Mars is activated.
Infatuation is excess of un-channelled energy.  This Mudra helps to prevent misconduct between male and female.
Good for Lethargy
  • When you feel sleepy after lunch.
  • Mentally stressed out in the evening as too many thoughts in the mind.
  • Not able to get from bed in the morning.
Apaan Mudra boosts your energy and thus activity.
When the mind has gone overboard, it can normalize.
The Apaan Mudra helps to boost activity during the day.
  • Affirmations to remove lethargy
“I release my desire to sleep”
“I release my resistance to get up and do the work.
(Desire and resistance work in opposite directions)

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