Tuesday, 16 June 2015

God's Eye / Vision

Though our eye  is material made  and lord's eye is energy  made   , much different  but still we have no other way to touch that kingdom .. We should have to touch thy kingdom and vision  through material temple via  energy frequencies  . That is our beautiful limit to touch limitless. 

Lets talk about , God's eye  and his vision ( 'if' conditional for logical minds  and yes for devotional ) ... Rather  its Impossible to give words  to thy work .... very common   pain in mass ,' why he  punish to innocent and gives gifts  with or without  maturity of person ! .'  ( little role of destiny play here according to  collected prior  fruits , its not the issue of pride  if some one get fruit without appropriate  labor, simply it has meaning some one is using  balance account )

When  i get connect  with thy  he shared  some thing very different ..... his discipline  and his legality and judgement is very different from as we think according to our  brought-up  and  birth / upbringing circumstances. our most thinking is paralyze  and fixed  cos of mind's logic and emotions .

For him  his Land is  manifestation  of energy , and playfulness  is major role , its a  workstation  with self deeds of own earnings. daily chores  are the root couse of   ripples  or counter-actions . to that we give term of karm+ bhog ( activity and related bearings ) in his kingdom  neither good nor bad , devil bear self karma + bhog  and  deity  bear self . Human is common platform to  perform  for both . One who are involve either  doing or  bearing , they responsible for own karma chain .  whatever they doing they get  fruit  sooner or later .99.9 %  karma chain is our sole production !  Bearings are not God's Wish  or Legacy .

Everyone  get agree on one aspect , if we want to feel to some  any place  we need to touch that place either through senses  or through internal vision 's another name feel or para experiences . Everyone have computer now a days , Center  (God ) have  biggest already  whatever we have  or we can researches  in future . Have you work on com / lappy , i am sure everyone  is familiar in today's word's net connectivity .. you also get encountered  many times unwanted virus , some time they so much harmful  the damage  your system  completely  , what you will do ?  you need to clean virus .. for that  you will do best , but virus is much strong  than ?  you need to  reboot  the system , m i right !  the Bigger system  doing same .. thy try to  fix the issue and resolve  issue  , cos he did  loads of work  which is saved already on  his lappy . but  if system demand to reboot , than you have to do . and with this  many files  many software  those who are friendly  sudden they get disappear from system  or unapproachable even   many times one can not have time to secure those  helping  and demanded files .  Now presume  each file is  each  manifestation in term of life ; upon earth .  and each file  saved with in many documents .. like you  and I  and again  these documents saved with self  of deeds  or effects (good or bad) , than  are your  cry ( as document ) to save self existence will work for  not to reboot system  for  knower (lord) ? No and never !

Apart of  each document is not harmful for system and  get created in harmony   and serve  to purpose  honestly . but still ;  is that document can control to virus  corruption ? or that document  can grovel to system booter ,' please do not kill us , why you punish me , what we did bad , we are Good documents  lives in good files  in your system ....

Few things  comes under play of soul  under karma generation  and karma bhog , its little  away from lord's interference . lord  is much away  from material things , material language is not God's language , God language is Silence . under this  either poor  or rich all lives in lords heart . either good or bad not God's partitions . all are ours , effect are ours  and in body .  body is again changeable .  feel like  cricket  match on play ground . each player is participant , comes in  filed play  and go back to  pavilion on allotted time . here is  how they played it is  total their responsibility, even feeling of defeat or victory of each and of team through each  but team leader  as one body  is always encouraging  and in enthuse for  another body parts .   as final prayer  they  pray for success .. but it is  to both  end of both teams . both can not play under  desire  though they each have of best  (this is detachment ).

Finally ;  efforts  with thankful  and gratitude  we   not involve  wisely  in karma production chain  at-least involve as minimum we can .. is biggest contribution  of wise in lotus feet .
For soul in manifestation  * Play is in  major role .  In another role  * Detach from wordily desire those are root cause of sorrow . Next role   * Grounded  on earth with reality of birth  and surroundings .  Next is ;  * Fly high to feel existence power you have within .  And  walks balance  in these two extreme  can attain via meditation .

Just think !!
Just play !!
Just live in  Joy !!

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