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Mystic Musing ( kundalni )

 Conception / Misconception Of Kundalini 

When i was  child  and curiosity  was kiddish  just matching with age  ... but confidence on understanding was ultimate, whatever i heard try to accepted own way otherwise simply rejected ... and in this process  i heard many thing magical religious  mystic pauranik stories ,  festivals related  stories ... epics  stories  and  all of that  gradually i also heard about  magical kundalini awakening.

So much  luminous  aspect  came in mind  like fairy-tale  but can not find  any base  anywhere ,  gradually with process i heard  about many gurus  who get money  smart  and  give assurance  for kundalini awakening .... Some how from very beginning  i was not the person of   who spent  money  for knowing all about God's Home .  I  am still firm believer  of thy kingdom's  currency  is different type , not our's type of currency works there.  with this mind frame and  nature's process  and resources  whatever  i get , i find experience is big  and  thirst  should be their .  than all are just mediator ... no need  to give much importance of hooking  , yes  respect is there  cos each  push  is helping during learning , and resources  which provided by nature  is God's will .  each person  each  lesson , each moment  are truly respectable .

Kundalini  some how  very  attractive  phenomena  to everyone  , cos  everyone think this  is ready-made capsule  to solve  mystery  of mystic .  but  my  results says  some thing  to highlight the reality regarding  misconceptions .  very first  you get yourself  as one being  complete  not divided , you are  absolutely One  and  with this find you are connected with One ( the Center ) .  next  when you explore  your body  very first you get encounter with Tattav  and Chitta .  During continuity  you will find , Chitta is again divided  in Logic and Emotions  means  mind get divided  in two parts , This is the  birth style point of conflicts .  IN total  walking  always you will get two sides  , basically it is cause of clever  nature . she mold you  this way you are always divided  in two or more  as confusion appears .

Thinking ; during evolution  we have  not in mind about humanism  values , religion  and  all magical aspect of body .. cos  we  adjusted that time  with less  brain , but  its development path , we touched our consciousness  at extreme , and we restore  all  knowledge  as sages , soon  we start to think on division  basis  on of  many subjects  where  we find  loads of developments . and being a brainy fellow  we did , we searches or researches  many part of mystic world.we find  many powers with in also , cos we have limited body  so its not very much tough  to find inner source . We find our body apart of legs  hands and head it is  the  story of approx 24 inches to 30 inches . Soon  brilliants  find the power of Backbone ... and in this time or period  when Ayurveda  parallel get developed  ,you will also find  the Spirituality Religion  and  Ayurveda  are very much intact with Vedas , they are not  detached  together .  Ayurveda deal  sacred body  same  religion find sacred body  and  Spirituality find sacred body .  and  body means  center of body . where Food get collect , where heart is  resides , there  womb is placed  and  under division  male and female   both  play role  to produce  generation . but they need also healthy living  healthy  mind  and healthy  soul , So that Yoga comes , yoga  comes  to control health Overall  ...

Human as are today  same they were  in ancient time  with no difference , same  Good part and bad part  of humanism  full of  power ,   spiritual   and  warriors ,   dominance , playfulness  politics  and criminal too . to control their  limits   to wish of get limitless, that time   sages  make  many  religious rituals . cos  human  have  only fear  from natural powers , even today  despite of Science  develops   , gradually  most of thing human get in tight wrist , but still nature furry  is big .  Human is helpless . So fearfulness  play role  to control  access power play of human .

Though ;  The Knowing is enough !  more than enough ,  my thinking is  Knowing is  complete  with experiences . other vise  it is half done and harmful  applicable with half knowledge .  this way sages divided  this sacred body in to  7 chakras .  these 7 chakras are  all  for existence  for human being . lets talk about 7 chakras  and Kundalini .  actually  7 chakras is  7 point of Kundalini  with no difference  , kundalini is a complete body  of 7 chakras .  here we  do not need  to search anything cos sage already did all .. we need to just know  about  and experience  about .

As  in Spiritualism  it is  so much old  no one can  express any thing which is not expressed , same with  Yoga ,   within yoga  very much populer  and established  Ashtang yog of Patanjali ,  though Yogi knows   the  Oldest Yogi is Adi Yogi Shiva . the  process of Ashtang yog  makes  really tough for  practitioner.  Same  if want to dive in  Granthas  your life become short  to know  basic  and as result  one can get only wandering  with no result and  so much feel of  Ego  cos they walks on difficult path .

( One  serious  thought  i have regarding  in nature  in duality  everyone  have these auspicious plug-points  we have not  extra gifted .. only difference is of upward consciousness  we have extra to move up , rest all are  live according nature serves . My thinking is  wisdom  Ocean is also deepest ... to  feel  depth ! you may go sink .. some may come out after sink some may not though this is also true  one who ready to sink  can come out  and those get effort to save they get sink  ,  but  to know quality  of water  no need to dive  hard . just take  a drop of water  in hand  and  you get all about Ocean . To feel  lord is same you can find  within  and  this way you can find everywhere  and soon  you will get merged  with almighty's  power , there  will be no difference  in duality . )

A Yogi  says regarding  Kundalini , it is  same as snake  , in  quality  and in looks  both , quality means  Gunas  she have 5  basic  chakras power within , among them Mool is most powerful  as its name  Mool  means root / base ..... It is  Also says Mool is most powerful  in entire structure .  So when you sit  on place  you find you sit on  Power . all power  have within  yourself ,  and everybody  it has , nature is  not  partial anyway .  No need to wander out  to find this . Readings may give you wander  but experience  give you strong base .  there are many explanation  you will find they may  try to say   Kundalni  best in their way , but you  know Ultimate experience  have no words .  it comes  total in Silence .  silver line , magical power  potential light  and all words  are expression , just expression . which are Indicating  to get  balance  altogether .

Kundalini  has power  to generate  balancing power within  through chakras , each chakra  has own potential ... and after  getting essence  you get connect divine ... there is no magic at all . All is lord's wish .Things  to understand yoga play major role  of course . I like  when Guru says,' keep in mind  you are not preparing atom Kundalini bomb ,' simply  you  get  awareness  about existence  and  knowing will connect you with existence .

Read below with care , Explanation of Sadguru exactly  get matched  with my thought  :-

The word “kundalini” generally refers to that dimension of energy that is yet to realize its potential. There is a huge volume of energy within you that is yet to find its potential. It is just there waiting, because what you call a human being is still in the making. You are not yet a human being, you are a “human becoming.” You are not an absolute entity of being human. There is constant scope to make yourself into a better human being.
When you were a monkey, you did not desire to become a man. Nature just pushed you on. But once you become human, there is no more unconscious evolution. If you are unconscious, the same endless cycle of the same nonsense will go on and on. Evolution will come to you only if you seek it consciously.
If you become conscious, evolution – or any change – cannot happen without the necessary energy. So, the process of evolution allowed a huge volume of energy untapped, that if you become conscious, you could use this to make something fantastic out of it. It is a treasure on which you are sitting. But if you are looking in the wrong direction, you will never know that there is a treasure.

Kundalini: Sitting on a Jackpot

Story : It happened once. There was a beggar who lived in terrible poverty. He just sat under a tree and begged. People threw a few coins, and he just lived on. One day he died and his body was just lying there. He had no friends or relatives, and nobody wanted to carry him somewhere and bury him. So they decided to just bury him right there under the tree. As people began digging, they hit upon a huge treasure. Just a few feet beneath him there had been a huge treasure, a huge pot full of gold, and the fool was sitting right there all his life, begging. If only he had dug down, he would have been a very rich man. But he sat there all the time being a beggar.

This is the way of the Kundalini. It is sitting right there. Everyone is sitting on a jackpot, but they are all looking in other directions. They are not looking where the treasure is. So they never realize something like this is there. Kundalini is that treasure within you which has been left unused, untapped. You could use that energy to transform this into a completely different dimension altogether; a dimension that you cannot imagine.

Kundalini: Plug into the Ultimate Source


Let me take you from your own experience of life because the stories about Kundalini are many. In your house, there is a plug-point in the wall. This plug-point does not actually produce any power. There is a huge power station elsewhere that is producing power, but it cannot give you that power directly. It is the plug-point that gives you access. Though most people have not even thought about the power station and have no concept of what it is, they know that if they plug an appliance into the plug-point, the appliance will run.

Similarly, there is a “plug-point” within the human body. It is not a 3-pin point, it is a 5-pin point. You might have heard of thseven chakras. The muladhara is like a plug-point. That is why it is known as muladhara. Muladhara means “fundamental” or “basic.” Five of the remaining six chakras are the plug. What is the seventh chakra, known as the sahasrar? It is like a light bulb. If you plug it in, everything about you glows. If you are properly plugged in, keeping the lights on 24 hours of the day is not an issue anymore. You don’t have to turn off your power because you are worried the battery might run out. You can just keep it on blatantly, recklessly, because you are plugged into the power source.

Unfortunately, most human beings are not plugged in. They are trying to generate their own power. So they eat five times a day, but still they are tired most of the time. It is a struggle to keep life going. Energy is not just in terms of physical energy or activity, energy is in terms of life. Existence is energy, isn’t it? The basis of existence is energy. If you know that basis, it is like knowing the foundations of life. If you understand the ways of the energy, you know the whole mechanics of creation. So if you are plugged in, you know what the power is, what it can do and what you can make out of it. You are plugged into an endless source of power – that is what is Kundalini.Even right now, you still have energy. You can read what is written. That means life energies are functioning, but in a very miniscule way. Just a small part of it is functioning. If the whole of it becomes available to you, if it is properly plugged in, there is no limit to what you can do out of it. Even with the plug-point at home, once you are plugged in, you can make light happen, you can get the air-conditioning going, you can have the heater, you can have the television – anything you want. Just one power point. You can do so many things.

How Do You Plug Into Kundalini?
 your  chakras are your plug points  and your Inner willingness  is plug to connect ... To plug in an appliance, if your hands are shaky, you will scratch the whole wall but you will not get the plug in. In the same way, to put the 5-point plug into the plug-point is difficult for a lot of people because there is no steadiness in their body, their mindtheir emotions or their energies.Yoga is a means to get the necessary steadiness so that you can plug it in. Once you plug it in – boundless energy! You don’t have to go and learn about or understand the power station. You plug it in and everything is fine.
Yoga is the science of getting the plug properly in so that there is an uninterrupted source of power. Once you are connected to this uninterrupted source of power, naturally you will proceed towards the goal of what life is longing for. You will not get lost with your fancy ideas, dreams, thoughts, emotions or entanglements of the world.

The Organic Atom

A human being is an “organic atom”, an individual unit of life. For example, today, human beings are exploring atomic science. An atom is not even visible to you, but if you smash it, something tremendous happens. And if you are in the way, something terrible will happen. No one ever realized that there could be so much energy packed into this tiny, little atom until they broke it. Similarly, there is a tremendous amount of energy packed into a human being. The Kundalini awakening or rising means you have found the technology of tapping into that energy.
However, if you tap into this dimension of energy, which is a phenomenal force, you must be on stable ground. This is just like learning to operate nuclear energy. Nowadays, everyone is learning a lot about atomic science because of  the Japanese situation ! If you have forgotten the Russian experience, the Japanese are reminding you. If you tap into this energy, you must tap into it with extreme caution. If you are not in the right kind of situations, if you are in the way of a tsunami or an earthquake, you could be asking for trouble. It is the same thing with the Kundalini.

Don’t Build a “Kundalini” Bomb!

With the kind of lives that most people live, where there are too many things – people, food or activity – that are not in absolute control, trying to activate the Kundalini because you read a book somewhere is like starting to build a nuclear reactor in your home because you read how to do it on the internet. Apparently, until 2006, there was a detailed plan about how to build a nuclear bomb available on the internet! We don’t know how many people have downloaded it. The only fortune is they have no access to the material that is needed. With Kundalini too, there are too many people who have read about how, with the Kundalini awakening, you can do all sorts of miraculous things. But though they may intellectually know what to do, experientially they don’t. And that’s a good thing because if they crack this energy open and they cannot contain it, it can destroy your whole system in no time. Not just you, people around you could be hugely harmed too. So is Kundalini a bad thing? No. It is a tremendous thing but anything which is tremendous has to be conducted in utmost care and caution.

How Else Do You Activate Kundalini?

So is there something else that one can do? Every aspect of yoga in some way activates Kundalini. In fact, everything that you do, if you go and jump for 10 minutes or play football, will activate your Kundalini to some extent. In moments of absolute involvement in a game, people show a phenomenal sense of energy, which is not possible for them in normal situations. This is because the Kundalini gets activated in intense activity. But consciously trying to crack it open and use it is a different business. That has to be done under absolute control and guidance.

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