Saturday, 19 September 2015

Awakening / colorenergy play (chakra)

  Before start practice of  awakening / or work for chakra  
things to work during meditation  to  Mana :-

* This is must to understand that what created  by mind and what is
nature gives us  ! during  filtration many aspect get clear . mostly illusive
rooms created by mind and  very basics created by nature .

* In practice  gradually as  moving up with chakras  practitioner  able to see
Maaya is The only mental product , isn't it !  and  In show of Maaya-
dance  ; Maaya itself production house of  Illusive conditions (conditions
are  only conditioning ) appears as real , isn't it !

* From tatva eyes  all going in front look real and  stubborn mind  change
not accepts ,  though whatever appears through
Illusive eyes ; is changeable , and this is the pain of grabber-mind
here  mind is  forceful captive of heart (emotions) .

Just opposite of Ignorant-Mind  when we connect  wisely with basics  of root (cause ) or with nature ; slowly the  immense pain cause of changeability get reduced cos wise knows-well basics never ever get change .

* Testing-scale : Mind can only fight with self created conditioned conditions  but
never ever eliminate basics from tatva , . they weaved strongly , merged and
rooted , effort to fight with nature get major cos of defeat of self-ego .

Awakened  know about all senselessness  of all fights with nature  the way he starts only to manage-well and lives-well  forever . 


Wise Work hard Only for self enhancement  ,  Nailed  only with self center / axis .. other than  non of coupling  exist   , wise always find self  as Non-judgmental , Loving , Compassionate and filled with gratitude.  any one  can define this aspect as Spiritual  selfishness .

before  watching the video , suggested reading the any of one above  Link

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