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Duel Entity and Oneness

Intro : Very first hello to all Readers !  this pic is of Taiwan collected from net , choose  for this  article  cos i find  alike back-bone of body here  and i find  the rope walk in full balance among two high peaks , anyway ; in both terms  this pic talks a lot.  so that in making title   it is  deliberately  bridge is not disturbed  and title shifts to little left and little right .. ha ha .. in duality . 

Subject-line : Divinity  is how compassionate  and beloved is full of blessings , one alphabet announce  The  song of almighty is the H of Heart , yes ! my Dear .. fragrance  and flowers  in higher-show of plant ,which are ready  to bloom  and flow /blow to fragrance and ready to evaporate. Now flower is ready to produce seed of possibilities... (each seed have own possibility they get dead or may get life , quality query comes after  )

Very simple  to understand , nothing is complicated in  divine kingdom , if anything make  'the him' complicated  is ignorance (maaya)  and  duality (divided one sided thoughtfulness) , though duality is prescribed 'the way'  to merge  in non duel entity . but many times  its the cause of wandering also ... for brainy  people , cos their  soul is resting in dark place , so mind is extra working to them ( by brain itself  many time check my soul is in rest after  finding they get satisfied ; yes ! i have her on same place ).  by brainy  even  7 chakra puzzle  get solved by them and they find only knowledgeable to every mystic aspect , its  amazing Nature ; if brain wants to run  she never interrupt , only lessons tells the reality ,here brain should be silent listener / observer  , In duality  walks are also  appears of two side  , and its the joke of entity towards brain after knowing  information the brain get firmed and ( re ) confirmed , the knowledge  is absolutely  final and correct ,  but ............ still ........... what to do of two side walks for brain ! this two side walk  every-time  attached in term of duel  with  frequency  and with tatvas .... yes with both ...... frequency also gives  dual  aspect  and tatva  is  famous for duality in oldest scriptures , Middle point of a Road  is always  appears where brain is stand , and  always appears for him two sides of roads  .... and even  the soul get fruit of solves chakras  wisely  as final bringing upon  Sahastradhar ( lotus chakra ) brain's  lotus with light is also appears , but this lotus is illusive !  now .... here  its  questionable  by brain , ' how we know the lotus is illusive or not illusive !'  the knowing  is very simple  if  one is aware  and alert  they may get signs  very thin  cos  this stage is precious  very few can touch this point -

* check , is brain listening you  or you listening to brain !  is you  listening to brain their  ego will appear  as secondary symptom ,  and anger , and greed  also  with joint hands .. even though one  can feel enlightened  ! must check this aspect ... 

* check ,  how frequent hunger for knowledge  appears  and  what intensity is ? cos   finally  this hunger get settle  permanent. cos no information-hunger is for wise.  no outside  spring can sober wise. he has own  spring inside . 

*  check , to get reality-check, now  no wordily / para fears  can attack  cos acceptance  and surrender is final .  keep check on self  how often  wordily rules  able to command upon you through mind or heart ! ( here is force Important , if those wash away forcefully to you its thinkable , you are  taking how much effort for those  to protect self is also important )  here i am not talking  body and soul basic needs . they will work according their nature  but not blindly .  ex  what are basic  hunger thirst  breath digestion system  including  chakras  those are connected  with both end of duel and non duel. on duel end they  comes  with effect  in the form of  body needs . but  another end of same rope  of non duality  is  also comes with them  and this way mind  can not work  as master-mind . 

 *  check , for very important ... on walks  when one  stand on road , One side of movement on this road called positive side   another side of this  road called negative ... now the grace of lord will help here to choose  the non illusive bright-side for walk   , in term of intuition-talk , cos on long roads  how  one able to find right direction walk ?  just check  as  final fruit  will be still  positive each step  will nourish to soul  and negative comes  subjective logical  and with poor results , those negatives still force  you to select one among them and move according forces not by wisdom !  


Why i am saying all this !  cos  just i get feel , the  duel  world is very much  magical  and illusive  every aspect and  fruit  subjective and  divided of two edges .  and  here if the cell and universe  is same  in quality, same with Chakras  also  they also have two way edge they also born  with  combo of energy and tatva , find each Chakra have capable  to move two side , and ..walks ....which is basically depends upon inner  quality / strength .  Finally  ; while controlling those chakras... the fine ego may runs with thread  analogously . The ego force  to brain for choose  quality either positive or negative .  here  please  pay attention ; If  the all 7 chakra  victory is illusive  this  thin and fine  ego-sign  must find attached with soul .  ( many time this sign  visible  clear in  top rated  Gurus / Relgious  Pujaries / and  High Ranked  Performers  in any field  )  just opposite of all saying above the sign-less souls  are free  light  and relaxed  from any wordily affairs here  and after that they also relaxed  cos they aware about limits  and nature working absolutely .
be aware  and be wise .. so that the  three worlds  works from start 
..... * Alert      ( self intakes ) 
....  * Aware   (  what going out from self ) 
....  * Awake  (  whats going inside ) All time  find these three real gem and ultimate friends ; with self , Dear walkers ! 
In last  here specially expression for walkers ;  on the road of  divine  , for some extant Informations goes to  knowledge  , which is works  to understand mechanism of  frequencies  and  particles ( subjective ) must take help ... just for rest on that point  and move on , and other is ;  everybody (brainy and wise ) knows in the world  either  things are  moving  or they dead ( changing ) in this sutra  either  you are  decaying  or improving ,either blooming or rotting ..(nature continues in dance  only cause of this each cell is busy in dance  ).. its continues  with body and mind  and  with absorbed frequencies . this way  till than you (soul) not able to know / absorbs system full .. your run  will be continue either positive  or negative ...  so you can not stand  helplessly  at one point , if you are not collecting positive score , there  very possible  to enter negative score ...  this is a tight rope walk  with balance , among two high peaks ... always keep check of your mind walk  and heart walks ..  after getting  essence all tatva will dance naturally for health  your wordily  matters will dance  naturally in controlled surroundings  but  very inside  you (flame) will resting  without Dance . cos now she is awakes not in Sleep not in Ignorance . 

Om Pranam

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