Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Dusk to Dawn

The sunrise 
four time zone wisdom 

O' Traveler ! Only once travel 12 hrs , give True Meditation to yourself , and find you are The Richest Person on Earth :- 

L: Have you ever seen sunrise ! 

M: (
murmuring ) what a stupid question , (apparently ) yes , mostly  i have in sleep that time , but often  when i 've in travel  yes i seen , its pretty beautiful ! 

L: O great ! means you have an experience !  well done ;  now i  share with you , the layers of hidden sunrise ... Though the total circle of day and night is of 24 hrs  but we will start  from  dusk to dawn 

1-  Sun is goes down , soon  it become  total dark nights only moon is reflect ... its better than stars because in dark focus is more clear... but in darkest nights  even stars  look prettier  at-least  some thing is there  in sky to focus  .   whatever you have experience  take in grip. do not  loose tight wrist  relax-fully .

2-  Today night  focus on  sky  whatever you seen make it experience of life ( for lucky one it may A night of Budhh-Purnima ; but no problem for others  any night  can make life time  experiences  for sure )

3- Now enter in "Gurdjieff-Moments"   slowly  - slowly night is passing , observe  earth rotations ... not scientifically , feel it from heart ! 

4- Slowly darkness  is getting down in layers and light start to take place , ( nature always appears in layers either within or Out , during practice Nature's Law keep in mind ) very important  time to watch and to observe  wisdom layers  provided  by Earth ,  only for those  who wants to take experience of her , her moment always very silent  very quiet and very loud .  find each layer serve different layer  of experience  out of stagnation  and rigidity , naturally  with nature 's discipline . Life  also comes in layers , wisdom  also comes in layers  with experience .( out of getting book Information  and  knowledge which is acquires  by passing the parcel method ) This experience  comes as shower gracefully for self , undoubtedly !

5- Listen care fully  and observe sun rise from close  eyes , The main  syllabus  now appears upon heart of sky ;  when the very 1st Sun rise information comes from sky ...... no no  not talking about yet light of sun-ray , I'm talking about  darkness  get down  and now the very particular spot also get clear of sun rise ... It means ; the time is comes  where  wandering for sun rise direction get vanished .  

6- Next layer appears upon heart of sky  from very east corner ... this change is very fast  darkness goes down very quickly  the mind and eye get focused  to see sunrise at one place / point .

7- Aah!  The sun  is appears  with very tiny upper frame cool red ring ... but very fast moving to upward , very soon it appear  as full cold  red bright circle .... gradually more shine red than become orange and after more bright white .... very much knowledgeable moments .... do not look here n there to lose attention .. keep watching with full observation. 

8- Very fast  sun is moving  upward  with bright shine , now its difficult to look direct sun don not do , its harmful to eyes . the sun says ; move-out, this time of work.  we will meet on dusk to dawn  time  again . Its shown darkness  and light is also rotating  circular .

L: Many layers  of understanding  through body to soul ... many ways to reaching  thorough body to soul .  find layers  of wisdom  as stupidity of darkness ... All are path  to move towards maturity . do you understand !! 

M: Thank you ! Namaste 

L: Wisdom of Four ,  flows by four angular  , same as each life have four stages from birth to death  , same as time  also have four flank  in a day of 24 hrs cycle , and amazingly this four also get find  in bigger time zone of four yug-kal , mostly aspects naturally daily comes and daily goes in front of anyone , sunrise  and sunset is daily phenomena ,  but sometime it get settle as wisdom  at one time  for one wise  . and that time i calls 'Dawn Time'  or wake-up soul-time . 

Good wishes !

Pranam  with Good morning / Suprabhat .

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