Sunday, 1 November 2015

Dreams are Informer to Bigger : move in carefully

Whenever divided subject (s)  encircling to mind , before intoxication snatch from you ; to you , remind  TO SELF the subject is from mind not mind is from subject . And soon Vision get developed to see beyond subject and stand out of subject to see the subject , as united "ONE" .
Wherever  you are , Stop ! and restart to enfold . make sure re-rolling should be more neat from before .

A very seed-form-experience sharing, it may get pointer to any one  :-

Knowing is much older , but experiencing each time is new .. ( here is two type of knowing / experiencing one is of mind and other is of soul, mind knowing is temporary but soul knowing little older so here is also mind knowing and soul knowing both goes together) ..... 

It also the declaration for all previous experiences or knowing was immature in front of  new encounters ..... ( may be alike earlier experiences this one also small in front of another bigger ).

The Dream  and  their  understandings are  also indication of growth  and maturity of Soul on walking upon designated  life-path .

Read Below  in Both sense  as mature soul  experience  through body and as  mind routine  work through Body . 

" In Yesterday Night , I slept well ( by choice ) and involve in sleep / dream according to choice , i feel in sleep when situation get worst than how to escape was with mind ( for some extent ) to use that trick i came out so that dream further move ahead  towards conclusion .. and again in Ignorance its difficult to come out from extra sweet dream or revengeful dreams or fearful dreams  due to honest performance and attachments ( cos many work have to done in dreams as responsible person truly as we are  in actual , than after wake up child heart / mind wants to go back again to perform in full but cant / or some time can go back if sleep is not fully finished ) . Yesterday ; i learned more and more get experienced that what is the meaning and knocks through sleep ! what is the concept of willingness to enter healthy and healthy willingness to exit ! and how is the frequencial condition where 'the master' mind of body allow to body to come out willingly from sleep and here Soul is in pure consciousness state ( in daily wakings she doesn't effected ) and she is only vibrate on knocking of her basic attitudes / pulse which she has before of birth in her bag ... "

Beloved says,' reality weaved in process naturally , knocking to each , once in every day , to show reality in front of you . its upon you whenever you take signals rightly .' Some how human-birth is more active and developed of mind  and senses, So ; more possibilities and more responsibilities  also granted . mind and senses combo have most but developed and responsible not have as human , upon earth .

Beloved also assuring us through daily communications ,'   not difficult to move in past lives willingly and also not difficult to leave life willingly , once you experience well , how to go inside the dream and wakeful watching that how dreams are moving in front of consciousness , The process is just alike .'  So that Gurus always prescribed  from very basic  to touch the basics  of nature  Is Breath , naturally . Meditation is  first and last source  of concentration .  The easiest  and simplest way to  come out  from complications of mindedness-seasonings and  touch the entity or to move in Simpler. 

And Once ; anyone touched that process from core , the pure consciousness get ready to go in and go out willingly just alike ( Bhishm Pitamah is one of the popular and finest available example in human history ) any other Brilliant Soul . If each can go to sleep and wake up for work daily than each soul have quality to move-in willingly in Maya world (as birth) and willingly not only awake willingly come out from Maya (cos this this soul working / play junction ) as mind have via body in sleep . Once mind understand this is only dream and going to finish ..... further life is wait for responsible works . man getup easily and forget about last dream . Only effort-fully and for purposefully reminders man can call back to dream and gradually and slowly man can enter also ... as man can remind again dream , same way soul can remind her past dream ( life ) if past knots in form of forcing elements are painful . and either for soul or for mind this can do only through body... Cos ; Body & Senses Involves in and for to both .

Those ; who experienced , they find existence and meaning , those not touched they feel mystery / magic behind . Though nothing is complicated , That real world is much simpler than this mind born complicated world.

note : here as usual many minds and many receivers according to available  seasoned antenna ... to understand and just for intro for beginners, one can start with basics of self ... as anyone know , just knowing is enough to open the mystery .... cos cant control basics ... nature is powerful and above of human .. we are not from subject the various subjects are divisions of our minds to get them more effectively  , same as ; we are from earth .... earth not from us , she bear to us ; for cause ( otherwise she has very changeable nature for whom is not to fit ) , and we bear to the subject (s) ; for cause  ( so that subjects  are survives , we also have same mother nature of changeability  which is not to fit for us .Human mind is very fix for objects really do not want to any change but very flexible about subject , funny balance  is  nature is  very changeable  with object as well as subject so all human effort goes to in balancing of efficiency  of subject and  maximum life of object  after that  holds get lose and  nature established  again and again  much stronger than human  anyway .)

wakeful morning to all Friends !
Good wishes  to all. 

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